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    Drysol 20% Extra Strength Solution (Liquid) 37.5mL

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    Drysol 20% Extra Strength Solution (Liquid) 37.5mL
    • NUMBER 1 DOCTOR RECOMMMENDED: Drysol is the #1 doctor recommended and the most effective clinical strength antiperspirant available with the best clinical strength protection. Unlike other brands that offer clinical strength protection, the Drysol family of truly clinical strength antiperspirants has always been the market leader in helping patients suffering from excessive sweating.
    • DRYSOL IS CLINICALLY PROVEN: Drysol is the only clinically proven first-line therapy in Hyperhidrosis and Excessive Sweating. Drysol with Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate (ACH) reduces perspiration 98% of the time and provides 30% reduction in sweat volume. The regular, so called, “clinical strength” brands can’t compare.
    • BETTER FORMULATION: Drysol has Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate (ACH) not aluminum zirconium that is found in most regular so-called “clinical strength” brands. ACH is a larger molecule which is clinically proven to be the most effective active ingredient in forming a plug that blocks sweat output.
    • BETTER OPTIONS: Only Drysol offers different strengths and formats to use all over the body, not just the underarms that the so-called “clinical strength” brands treat. Excessive sweating can affect many parts of the body with a range of severity. The Hyperhidrosis Disease Severity Scale (HDSS) is a diagnostic tool that provides a qualitative measure of the severity of the patient’s condition using a scale of 1-4.
    • BETTER RESULTS AT A FRACTION OF THE COST: Drysol is the most economical clinical strength antiperspirant in the market today. Apply once a day and then once every 72 hours thereafter. Drysol provides wetness protection within 48 hours, and one bottle can last up to 4 months! Drysol lasts 2-3x longer than the so-called “clinical strength” brands.



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